Making dreams come true

Zwei junge Frauen laufen über einen Steg am Ufer entlang. Sie tragen Run Performance Compression Socks von Bauerfeind, welche die Wadenmuskulatur durch gezielte Kompression unterstützen.

It’s not only a question of who you are or what you can do; what you want is just as important. For professional athletes, they want it all: better performance and the ability to break free of their limitations. We empower them to achieve their personal best and accompany them on this quest, at home and worldwide. Whether they’re at the top of their field or just fighting to get back in the game, athletes and teams rely on our support at the regional, national, and international level – every month, every week, every day. They know their health is our top priority, just like yours is.

Bild des Olympischen Feuers. Bauerfeind versorgt die Athleten während der Olympiade mit seinen Produkten.

„When the fire burns we get goosebumps.“

Dirk Schwager, Trainer Akademie


The Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world and, for many athletes, the highlight of their career. Athletes from all over the world come together to compete. Since the 2002 Olympics, we’ve been helping them attain the greatest athletic achievement of their lives. In the meantime, we not only treat German athletes in our medical stations, but cater to all Olympic athletes as well. With the passing of each Olympic Games, more and more athletes are relying on the expertise of our international team of sports-orthopedic technicians. When athletes push their bodies to the limit, they come to us, because we can get them back in the game.

Supporting athletics

It takes hard work to deliver at the highest level – intensive training, exhausting competitions, in addition to working or studying, with hardly any free time. For professional athletes, this is everyday life. We support these athletes together with the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe (German foundation for athletic support). Every year we equip athletes with our products and provide support in case of injury, or even to prevent them. We want these athletes to get healthy again, so they can concentrate on their next competition – and challenge their personal best.  


The NBA is considered to be the most competitive and popular basketball league in the world. Those who make it to this level have to work hard to deliver world-class performance on a regular basis. As an official NBA partner, we offer players products and support they can count on. Since 2018, the GenuTrain NBA has been the official knee-support bandage of the league. Many athletes rely on it. We are proud to be an integral part of the treatment and injury prevention of the world 's best basketball players.

Sport sponsorships

"Motion is life" is our company vision. That's why supporting athletics on a regional, national, and international level fits perfectly to our company culture. We don’t focus on one sport; instead, we make ourselves available to athletes, clubs, and organizations of various disciplines. We are right there on the sidelines during training, competition, and rehabilitation. At the end of the day, we want everyone to be at their very best.

Logo vom Schalke 04, welcher offizieller Partner der Bauerfeind AG ist.

Schalke 04


With over 150,000 members and one of the best training programs in professional football, FC Schalke 04 is one of the most historical football clubs in the German Bundesliga. Whether for heated local rivalries or top-tier global matches, we are a proud partner of the Königsblauen (Royal Blues) and support the players with bandages, braces, compression stockings, and insoles.


Logo von Alba Berlin, offizieller Partner von Bauerfeind.

ALBA Berlin


With eight German championship titles and nine cup wins, Alba Berlin is one of the most successful basketball clubs in Germany, with the most members as well. Even at an international level, these basketball pros have been succesful. We support this club with our products to ensure everything goes smoothly before – and during – their games.


Logo vom THW Kiel, welcher offizieller Partner der Bauerfeind AG ist.

THW Kiel


A sports club with history: THW Kiel has been around since 1904, playing handball since 1923. Today, the club’s handball team is the most successful in Germany. We support this club with our products, so they can add a few more to their 38 national titles.


Logo des österreichischen Skiverbandes, welcher offizieller Partner der Bauerfeind AG ist.

Ski Austria (Österreichischer Skiverband)


The Ski Austria organization represents world-class skiing. With over 1,100 clubs and a total of about 140,000 members, it’s one of the largest sports associations in Austria. We are happy to work with them to promote active winter sports and, in doing so, make a noticeable contribution to the health of the athletes.


Logo vom italienischen Volleyballverband, welcher offizieller Partner der Bauerfeind AG ist.

Italienischer Volleyballverband


The athletes from the Italian Volleyball Federation (Federazione Italiana Pallavolo) definitely know how to set and spike. In 2018, Italy hosted the Men's Volleyball World Championship. And Italian volleyball players have medaled at the Olympics as well. We’ve been an official sponsor of the national team since 2017.


Logo von HRS, dem kroatischen Handballverband. Bauerfeind betreibt Sportsponsoring für den HRS.

Kroatischer Handballverband


As one of the best teams in the world, this organization makes a point of supporting its athletes. They top multiple international rankings. In 2018, Croatia hosted the European Handball Championship. We sponsor the Croatian Handball Federation (HRS) and support their athletes with our products, so these athletes can deliver their absolute best, day in and day out.


Logo der NBATA, der amerikanischen National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association. Bauerfeind betreibt Sportsponsoring für die NBATA.



The health of professional athletes is as important to this organization as it is to us. The National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA) is an American association of coaches, physiotherapists, and physicians from several NBA teams who are responsible for the health of world-class players. To provide them with the best care possible, NBATA relies on our high-quality products and our medical expertise.


Porträtaufnahme vom Schweizer Schwingerkönig Matthias Glarner.

Matthias Glarner


Matthias Glarner was born to move. The talented Swiss wrestler has fought his way to the top of Schwingen (Swiss wrestling) at the ESAF (national wrestling festival) in Estavayer, as well as four national titles. It brings us great joy to further support his success in this Swiss national sport.