Successful but authentic, world class but down to earth, ambitious but not overbearing: exceptional athletes like Dirk Nowitzki, Andrea Limbacher, Andreas Toba, and the Hahner twins are a perfect match for what we stand for. They have their own story to tell, always choosing to get back up instead staying on the ground. They not only use our products, but stand behind them as well. They know they can count on us. For competition or rehabilitation, we are right there next to them, just like we’re right next to you. As a team, we want you to believe in what you can be.

Dir Nowitzki sitzt auf einem Hocker in einer Sporthalle. Er trägt eine GenuTrain Kniebandage von Bauerfeind am rechten Knie. Er ist weltweiter Botschafter von Bauerfeind.

Dirk Nowitzki

He put his own stamp on the game of basketball. In a total of 21 NBA seasons, he played over 1,500 games. People know his name around the globe. Even so, Dirk Nowitzki is a star who never sought the limelight. He knows that hard work leads to success. Just like Dirk, we always expect the best of ourselves. He knows this, which is why he trusts us so much. Wearing our products throughout his career and beyond, he could always count on us to get him back out there on the court.

Andrea Limbacher

An uphill and downhill battle – that’s the best way to describe the career of freestyle skier Andrea Limbacher. Injuries overshadowed her victories in the Olympics and World Cup. But step by step, she struggled to get back up again, back to the top. Failure was never an option. That's what we admire about her. This shows how it pays off to keep getting up, time and again.

Skicrosserin Andrea Limbacher trägt ihre Skier auf ihrer rechten Schulter und läuft im Schnee. Sie ist offizieller Partner von Bauerfeind.
Andreas Toba ist in einer Turnhalle und hat seine Hände in Ringen. Trotz Kreuzbandriss qualifizierte der Kunstturner die deutsche Mannschaft für das Finale bei den Olympischen Spielen in Rio.

Andreas Toba

One for all, and all for one: if anyone can claim that, it’s surely gymnast Andreas Toba. Even after tearing his ACL, he qualified the German team for the finals at the Olympic Games in Rio. And it was already clear he wouldn’t be able to compete there himself. After much hard work, he is now back at it, flying through the air again. It’s his team spirit and determination that make him such a role model.

Anna und Lisa Hahner

Moving forward together – for a lifetime. At the age of 17, twins Anna and Lisa Hahner discovered their love for running. They realized their dream at the Olympic Games in Rio, crossing the finish line hand in hand, despite the criticism that followed. For us, such a gesture deserves the utmost respect.

Anna und Lisa Hahner, erfolgreiche Läuferinnen, laufen an einer Straße entlang. Sie sind offizieller Partner von Bauerfeind.