Your goal, our mission

Ein junger Mann steht auf einer Mauer und hat seine Hände an die Hüfte gestemmt. Er trägt Run Performance Compression Socks von Bauerfeind in der Farbe blau. Diese unterstützen die Wadenmuskulatur mit gezielter Kompression.

Health is of the utmost importance. This is why we don’t compromise on quality and hold our work to the highest standards. From conception to production, everything takes place at our facilities in Germany. Knitted and synthetic materials alike, we develop and produce our products on site. This is a family tradition we’ve carried on since 1929, when Bruno Bauerfeind founded our company.

Our goal is to constantly improve our products, making them ever more effective. This is what experts focus on in our innovation center. They work closely with doctors, clinics, and orthopedic technicians to incorporate the latest medical insights into product development. Further exchange with research institutes and universities also creates new and innovative solutions to practical problems.

From our point of view, a product is really only good if you like to wear it. If it spends most of the time in the closet, then it can’t provide you with the best medical support. That's why we develop and produce everything ourselves. We don’t just fall back on the current state of the art. We regularly check if our solutions are still up to date. We challenge ourselves to look beyond the industry standard and seek out the best solution for you. Our products are especially comfortable to wear. We’re constantly developing our fibers even further, so only the highest quality fabrics come into contact with your skin.

Eine Frau steht an einem See und erholt sich. Eine achtsame Lebensweise hilf bei der Stressbewältigung und lässt den Körper entspannen.

In sync with your body

We measure the human body down to the last detail, so our products fit perfectly. With our Bodytronic measurement system, we can make sure you get the product that fits you just right. Our products are made to fit you and can even be personalized – from material to size to texture.

Tried and tested

Our promise to you: these products make in impact. We put them under rigorous testing to make sure of this. Beyond standard tests, we also include clinical trials and comfort tests.