Bauerfeind life international

Bauerfeind life is the English-language publication for physicians, medical retailers and members of the public... Read more

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[Translate to en_GB:] VenoTrain business

New foot length designations

When ordering the compression stocking VenoTrain business in the future, please note that foot length designations have... Read more

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[Translate to en_GB:] MalleoTrain Plus

MalleoTrain Plus provides stability...

In an international non-interventional study about Train supports, MalleoTrain Plus contributed to regaining better... Read more

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About Bauerfeind

With our medical aids we help people regain their mobility and wellbeing. We demand high-quality products: Supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic orthoses from Bauerfeind are all "made in Germany".