[Translate to en_GB:] The SecuTec Genu hard frame orthosis uses the 4-point principle to provide reliable stabilization, e.g. for cruciate ligament, collateral ligament, and meniscus injuries.

Post-operative protective function of...

The SecuTec Genu provides reliable stability and gives the patient a strong sense of protection following knee surgery.... Read more

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[Translate to en_GB:] New colors for the knee-high stocking

New colors for the knee-high stocking

The VenoTrain business compression stocking is now available in the colors caramel, marine, anthracite, and black. The... Read more

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Bauerfeind life international

Bauerfeind life is the English-language publication for physicians, medical retailers and members of the public... Read more

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[Translate to en_GB:] VenoTrain business

New foot length designations

When ordering the compression stocking VenoTrain business in the future, please note that foot length designations have... Read more

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[Translate to en_GB:] MalleoTrain Plus

MalleoTrain Plus provides stability...

In an international non-interventional study about Train supports, MalleoTrain Plus contributed to regaining better... Read more

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Patients attest to a high level of...

The SecuTec ® Genu represents a useful component in the conservative and operative care of the knee joint. This is the... Read more

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