new genutrain® OA knee brace

Active with osteoarthritis

Active with gonarthrosis, more active with GenuTrain OA - the new knee orthosis specifically designed to relieve pressure on the medial and lateral side, keeps the position safely even during fast movements and offers plenty of freedom of movement. With the Boa® Fit System, patients can adjust the relieving effect of the orthosis and adjust it during wear.

The new GenuTrain OA knee brace is made of elastic 3D net mesh, which incorporates a unique relief and stabilization system: a jointed joint, pad and guided relief straps that run around the thigh and calf in the form of a double waist. If you turn on the closure of the Boa® Fit System, these straps are put under tension and tighten the orthosis fit. The rail and pad are pulled to the leg and the relieving force is initiated at three points. This relieves pressure from the painful compartment and stabilizes the joint and gait. The force is initiated outside the pain zone. When the medial compartment is to be relieved, the flexible joint splint and viscoelastic pad rest laterally. 

Patients can easily and quickly dose the relieving effect while wearing without having to remove the orthosis or their clothing. GenuTrain OA is available in five sizes and the two versions right medial / left lateral and left medial / right lateral. Technicians can adjust the orthosis tool-free. 
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