New orthosis for flexible hip management

CoxaTrain Hip Orthosis

Bauerfeind adds dynamism to osteoarthritis therapy with a new lightweight orthosis that relieves the painful hip when walking and corrects muscular imbalances in the lumbar, pelvic, and hip region. The innovative CoxaTrain supports movement therapy for patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the hip, rheumatoid arthritis, or impingement syndrome. The first wearing tests with the CoxaTrain confirm the positive effects for patients with osteoarthritis of the hip who want to remain active in their daily lives and delay endoprosthetic surgery for as long as possible. Pain during movement was reduced by 48 percent on average, and walking distance was increased by 76 percent. Osteoarthritis expert Prof. Stefan Sell (Medical Director of the joint center Gelenkzentrum Schwarzwald) supported the wearing tests and considers the innovative benefit of CoxaTrain to be its combination of multiple therapy principles within the lumbar, pelvic, and hip region. "The multi-directional approach increases success rates for different manifestations of osteoarthritis."

Using stabilization, friction, and proprioceptive stimulation, CoxaTrain targets the functional interplay of the core and hip muscles: with circular compression, it stabilizes the pelvic girdle and relieves pressure on the sacroiliac joints (SI joints), which are commonly affected by pain and restrict mobility with hip indications. During movement, two dorsal friction pads massage the ligaments of the sacroiliac joint and adjacent muscles. This relieves pain in the lumbosacral junction and helps to prevent incorrect posture adopted as a result of pain. Thanks to the lateral joint splint, the flexion and extension movements of the hip can be restricted for stabilization as required. Two additional viscoelastic pads positioned laterally on the thigh and upper buttock massage the soft tissue and relax the hip muscles during movement. The flexible Trochanter Pad on the eccentric hinge is a patented innovation. The Trochanter Pad moves cyclically up and down on when walking and thus targets the tendon insertions above the greater trochanter. The nubbed Gluteal Pad on the upper buttock exerts a transverse massaging effect on trigger points across the muscle fibers and relieves tension primarily in the gluteus medius, which is involved in hip extension.

CoxaTrain helps active hip patients to maintain and train their mobility during everyday activities. The orthosis is lightweight, lies flat against the body, and is quick to put on and take off thanks to Velcro tensioning straps, finger pockets, and loops.