Now optionally with a low arch support

Inlay for safety shoes ErgoPad work: h

The ErgoPad work: h insert is specially designed for occupational safety and safety shoes and especially protects the heel from bumps and overloading. It counteracts persistent heel pain and makes the wearer appear soft. In order to be able to care for the patients even more individually, a further variant with a lower longitudinal arch support is now available. It is suitable for heel pain patients who are sensitive to the increase in the longitudinal arch.

As with the ErgoPad work: h, the relief core technology in the insert affects the anatomical weaknesses in heel pain and heel spurs. The recess in the heel area relieves the bone when it occurs.

The ErgoPad work: h with a low longitudinal vault has already successfully passed the type test with some shoe models from Steitz Secura. Additional tests with models from other shoe manufacturers are planned.