Patients attest to a high level of protection

Knee orthosis SecuTec ® Genu

The SecuTec ® Genu represents a useful component in the conservative and operative care of the knee joint. This is the conclusion of a study with 72 mainly postoperatively treated patients by Dr. Hendrik Baum, Deputy Chief Physician of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Hospital Altenburger Land and Ingo Friedl, Managing Director of the Sanitätshaus Altenburg GmbH. The doctor was very satisfied with the performance of the orthosis in 93 percent of all restorations. In five cases, the use of the orthosis even prevented a planned surgery during the study period. The individual adaptability of the SecuTec Genu was rated by the orthopedic technician in 87.5 percent of the cases as good to very good, 95.8 percent of the patients confirmed this by good to very good rating for comfort and 98.6 percent certified that the orthosis stabilizes safely and provides a high level of protection. The evaluations are available as a digital whitepaper. Please e-mail to receive the PDF files.