production start in new plant

Bauerferind's medical aids are now also coming from Gera

Bauerfeind AG has been producing supportes and orthoses in Gera for almost six weeks and will gradually expand production over the next few months: "By the beginning of next year, we want to produce three more back and hand orthoses", informs Lars Eulitz, Production Manager of the Gera plant , For this purpose, mainly seamstress and seamstresses as well as employees are sought for assembly work in the textile environment. The products are manufactured on modern special sewing machines from various textile parts, then stored in Zeulenroda and shipped from there to all over the world. Currently, around 1,100 employees work at the central company location. In addition, there is a production site in Remscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia), where only orthopeadic insoles are produced.

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