ratschow memorial medal awarded

The Swiss internist Dr. Werner Blättler from Wädenswill was awarded the Max Ratschow Memorial Medal for his life's work during the 61st Annual Phlebology Conference in Münster. At the beginning of the 1990s, the 76-year-old was one of the first to treat outpatients with thrombosis patients. He also focused on the study of venous symptoms and feelings, such as pain and swelling, which can occur both in healthy people and in people with venous diseases. Dr. Blättler interpreted based on his research that stagnant standing or long sitting triggers the disorder. The assumption is that the volume increase in the legs and the symptoms are related. His research also confirmed

With the Ratschow Memorial Medal​​​​​​​, the Curatorium Angiologiae Internationalis honors the Swiss for his life's work. The prestigious award has been presented every year since 1969 to particularly deserving scientific personalities in the field of vascular medicine and related disciplines. Bauerfeind has been patron of the foundation for many years.