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SacroLoc "mobilizes" after a pelvic fracture

Results of a case series with mainly fractures of the pubic bones caused by osteoporosis

Older patients with painful pelvic marginal fractures can be mobilized much earlier with the stabilizing SacroLoc orthosis. This resulted in a case series with 18 fracture patients aged 64 to 90 years by Prof. Dr. med. Rolf Haaker (St. Vincenz Hospital, Brakel). On the 5th or 6th day the women and men could already practice physiotherapy while wearing the SacroLoc and left the hospital after 8 to 10 days. Otherwise, due to the severe pain, at least 14 to 21 days of inpatient immobilization were necessary. Overall, the orthotic wearers reported less stress pain and needed fewer opiates on the day of discharge than at the start of their pain therapy. “As soon as we put on the bed for the first time, the patients usually confirm that the pain evidently subsides. We also see a significant improvement in patient mobility. Walking distance and stride length can be increased ad hoc, ”said Prof. Haaker in an interview with Bauerfeind life. The observed effects refer to the effect of the SacroLoc. 

The lightweight orthosis with tension straps stabilizes the pelvic ring through circular compression. It has been proven to reduce the nutation movement of the sacrum and relieve the ligament of the sacroiliac joints. This results in less movement in the fracture zone when getting up and walking.

The results of the case series are summarized in the White Paper on Application Observation on the Use of the SacroLoc Orthosis for Pelvic Rim Fractures . Interested parties will receive the PDF file by email at medical.affairs@bauerfeind.com .