For healthy foot conditions

GloboTec foot orthoses with OnSteam top cover

In closed shoes, your feet get little air to breathe and can sweat uncomfortably depending on the materials used. This problem is solved by the new, perforated microfibre cover Onsteam.

It is particularly breathable and keeps your feet dry. The breathable fabric can absorb eight times its own weight in moisture. As a result, sweat no longer accumulates inside the shoe and after removing the shoes, it promotes the evaporation of moisture. Bauerfeind currently uses the reference material Onsteam in the color Anthracite for the insert variants of GloboTec Comfort (narrow, medium and wide with 2mm Globofit cover layer) as well as for the inserts from GloboTec Soft (wide with different TECfom / TECmoll cover layers).