When osteoporosis affects your bones

World Osteoporosis Day

On October 20, the World Osteoporosis Day drew public attention to patients affected and at-risk for porous bones. More than 3 million people in the UK are estimated to have osteoporosis, a condition that causes around 500,000 broken bones every year - that's one every minute. A therapy recommendation is regular exercise, but the fear of support is difficult to overcome. Erect spinal orthoses can help patients to have less pain and regain security in everyday life to get more exercise.

Bauerfeind manufactures spinal orthoses that meet the recommendations of the Guidelines of the Federation of Osteology (DVO): Spinova Osteo or SofTec Dorso are simply created as a kind of protective vest. They correct the posture, relieve pain and improve balance. This helps to reduce the risk of falls and fractures. Depending on the osteoporotic stage, the doctor decides together with the patient which orthosis can individually support a movement therapy.

In the Patient Guide to Osteoporosis, interested parties learn more about the clinical picture, risk factors and therapeutic options, including orthoses.