VenoTrain® accessories

The perfect accessories for all VenoTrain® products

We want you to feel good every day in your VenoTrain® compression stockings! Our useful companions from the VenoTrain® range of accessories will help with this. They make handling easier, take care of your compression stockings and effectively support your treatment. The range of accessories helps to ensure that your VenoTrain® stockings remain effective and as beautiful as they were the day you bought them – giving your legs an all-round sense of wellbeing.




VenoTrain® gloves

A good grip on everything: our rubber gloves have a specially coated surface on the palms that allows you to get a secure grip on even the finest fabric. This makes it particularly easy to put on compression stockings quickly and with very little effort.

  • New material and design
  • Special coating for a firmer grip
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M and L


VenoTrain® lingerie bag

Secure protection in the washing machine: the zip-up bag, which is made from a durable and particularly fine mesh, helps you sort your laundry and reliably prevents runs and pulled threads in your compression stockings.

  • Cost-effective protection
  • Hard-wearing
  • For 1-2 pairs of stockings

VenoTrain® skin care foam

A ready-to-use, non-oily care foam for the daily care of stressed and sensitive skin. Ideal in combination with compression and support stockings. Keeps the skin moist and smooth.