Paar wandert mit GenuTrain Kniebandage von Bauerfeind. Im Hintergrund sind Wald und Steine zu sehen, die Frau steigt über einen Bachlauf.

Relief, stabilization and activation for your knee

GenuTrain P3 - Produktbild in Titan

Stabilizing knee support for kneecap problems

Stabilizes and relieves the painful knee joint in cases of osteoarthritis

Knee support for greater lateral stability

Knee support for greater lateral stability with protection function

Targeted relief and stabilization for osteoarthritis of the knee

Stabilizing and muscle-activating knee orthosis

Stabilizing hip orthosis for secure joint guidance

SecuTec Genu

Stabilizing knee orthosis for securely guided movement

Knee orthosis for relieving osteoarthritis

Corrective knee orthosis

Stabilizing orthosis for immobilization of the knee

Thigh support for muscle injuries

Provides targeted relief for the patellar tendon


Orthosis for pain-relieving mobilization in cases of osteoarthritis of the hip