Stabilizing orthosis for immobilization of the knee

GenuLoc was specially developed to immobilize your knee after surgery or an acute injury until your physician allows you to start training again. Two shapeable aluminum stays on the back side fixate the knee at an adjustable angle. Lateral plastic stays reinforce the stabilizing effect. Washable padding ensures excellent wearing comfort.

  • Supports recovery following surgery
  • Protects the injured knee in the acute phase
  • Adjustable and easy to put on

Regain momentum quickly after surgery

Before and after a required surgery, your knee needs to rest. The same is true after an acute injury that does not require surgical intervention, for instance a fracture of the kneecap.

GenuLoc fixates the newly injured or post-operative knee joint using two shapeable aluminum stays on the back side. Thus the knee angle can be adjusted depending on the treatment requirements. Lateral plastic stays reinforce the stabilizing effect and automatically adjust to the angle.

Fit again fast

The convenient Velcro straps make GenuLoc easy to put on and take off. With a cushioned hollow of the knee and breathable, washable foam coating, it is highly comfortable to wear even when lying down. This allows your knee to heal at rest until you can start physiotherapy and strength training again as soon as possible.


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* Available in one universal size


  • In any knee disorder, after surgery or trauma, for the temporary immobilization of the knee