Corrective knee orthosis

MOS-Genu stabilizes your knee following surgery, for example to correct misalignments. It is available in a standard or long version as required. The orthosis comprises an aluminum frame with adjustable hinges, straps and skin-friendly padding which compensates for swelling in the knee joint region. This ensures excellent wearing comfort and reduced pain during movement.

  • Guides the leg out of its misalignment to relieve the knee joint
  • Stabilizes the surgical outcome after axial corrections
  • Soft cushioning for long wearing periods

Stabilizes and corrects in cases of complex knee injuries

After surgery to correct misalignments, such as bandy legs or knock knees, after meniscus surgery or in the event of cruciate or collateral ligament injuries, the knee needs to be stabilized and relieved. And this is just what MOS-Genu offers (available a standard or long version as required).

The orthosis comprises an aluminum frame with perfectly adjustable hinges, straps and special skin-friendly padding which compensates for any swelling in the knee joint region.

Fit again fast

MOS-Genu corrects the leg axis in case of bandy legs or knock knees and provides pain relief on the inside or outside of the knee joint. Its corrective force as well as the minimum and maximum knee angle can be adjusted depending on the indication. The orthosis also stabilizes the entire joint.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, and the shells have skin-friendly, breathable cushions and do not slip. MOS-Genu can therefore be worn with comfort even over extended periods of time and enables pain-free movement.

Measurement and sizing table


Order number


*1=Short, *2=Long
+6=right, +7=left


The measurement of the knee width is to be taken with the patient´s leg flexed at 30°, with the aid of the MOS Goniometer (without applying pressure). If the measurement is on the border between two sizes, the degree of swelling or atrophy and the width of the other knee should be taken into consideration.


  • Conservative: Functional therapy of injuries to the cruciate ligaments and the lateral ligaments, Complex instabilities including genu recurvatum, Support for the affected compartment in varus/valgus arthritis
  • Post-operative (short MOS-Genu): After operations on the ligaments, i.e. artificial ligaments, Meniscal suturing and meniscal implantation
  • Post-operative (long MOS-Genu): After tibial osteotomy, After complex reconstructions of the ligaments, In individual cases it is also indicated for fractures located close to joints - implant surgery