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Bauerfeind life is the English-language publication for physicians, medical retailers and members of the public interested in reading field and background reports about the latest medical and technical developments, all compiled in a convenient printed form.

For information for gynecologists and pregnant women, a special print from the current issue of the specialist magazine Bauerfeind life is now available. In it, Prof. Dr. med. Ekkehard Schleussner, Director of the Clinic for Obstetrics at Jena University Hospital, in a detailed interview about why the risk of a thromboembolic event increases during pregnancy. It also contains information on medical compression stockings as well as the information required for their correct formulation.

The practice magazine Bauerfeind life addresses itself to physicians as well as medical specialized dealers and appears as German and English print edition three times a year. All articles are freely accessible, and can be found at

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