Washable liner stockings to provide patients with supports and close-fitting orthoses

New stocking set ensures trying on is hygienic

Trying on without direct skin contact – Bauerfeind offers retailers a reusable hygiene set for their orthopedic product service. It contains ten elastic stockings made of breathable material in a standard size. When patients try on supports or close-fitting orthoses, the thin white liner stockings ensure that patients and products are protected. In this way, customers are able to get an idea of the fit, effect, and handling. They can also try on different sizes as well as models, and buy an unworn product in the end. Retailers can store goods again easily and return samples without difficulty.

This sustainable principle is complemented further: the stockings can be washed at 60 degrees. The set also includes a mesh bag which prevents the knitted fabric from being damaged during a machine wash, meaning that the stockings can be used many times. They are knitted without a foot section and ensure that trying on Train supports on the knee, ankle, or elbow is hygienic. Knee orthoses with flexible knitted fabric, such as the GenuTrain OA or SofTec Genu, or with an anatomically contoured frame design, such as the SecuTec OA and SecuTec Genu, can be tried on with these stockings.

You can order the Bauerfeind hygiene set from your local Bauerfeind sales representative or by e-mailing the International Customer Service at export@bauerfeind.com.